Thursday, 7 February 2013

Laura's Handmade Life by Amanda Addison

“When life unravels... start stitching.” This is the motto on the front cover which I love. I always enjoy getting stuck into a sewing project in between everyday life and my pile of reading. I’ve always loved sewing from a young age and enjoy textiles based crafts in my spare time, so this book literally called to me from the shelf. 

Laura Lovegrove and her family have moved from London to a Norfolk village and she is finding it difficult to adjust to the change. Then, after a fire destroys her collection of precious vintage clothes, Laura salvages the pieces and discovers the world of sewing. I found the main character of Laura fairly likeable and a bit random at times, but I especially love the members of the sewing club she joins; strong Hannalore, talented René and feisty Joyce. I love her interactions with them and how they bond over their crafts. 
My Spring Chick!

This book was fun, with an engaging plot, and it also had a lot of educational details about textiles and sewing – I particularly liked how each chapter started with a different type of stitch. At the back of the book are a couple of patterns for the readers to try at home, so I had a go at one of Laura’s spring chicks. I haven’t sewn properly for a while but I think I did ok for an evening’s work! I had something of an affinity with Laura, as I have a little collection of scraps from years of doing textiles at school and I enjoyed picking out florals for my chick.

This is an uplifting read for anyone that loves sewing and textiles, anyone that has children or anyone that just enjoys a fun yet heart-warming story. 

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