Friday, 12 April 2013

666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce

My interest in this book was sparked from the recent ITV2 series of the same name. Let me tell you straight away that the book and the series are completely different. Don’t get me wrong, I very much like the book and the TV series in their own right, but they are different stories. 

The book introduces us to Jane Boyle, raised in rural France by an overprotective Grandmother; she now lives in Paris. She’s just been swept off her feet by handsome and wealthy American Malcolm Doran. He’s just proposed and she plans to move to New York with him to start a new life together. 

However before she leaves France, a tragedy occurs and Jane learns that she is a witch. Although she has a history of accidentally blowing up electricals, Jane is sceptical about witches and magic and makes her move to New York into the Doran’s imposing family building in Park Avenue. Once there Jane finds herself at odds with Malcolm’s dragon of a mother, who has taken control of Jane’s imminent wedding. But feuds about cakes and dresses soon become insignificant as Jane uncovers dark family secrets that threaten lives. 

I liked the balance of stylish chick-lit with the paranormal witchy themes. There are lots of references to fashion which compliment the scenes for when Jane is navigating her way around elite New York society. As she nurtures her new found powers, there are references to witchcraft from history which I personally would have liked to see more of. Overall I thought this was an enjoyable read. With some steamy scenes and plenty of female focussed power struggles, this is ideal for more adult readers of paranormal romance.

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