Thursday, 18 April 2013

Scare Me by Richard Parker

Wealthy businessman Will Frost’s life is turned upside down when he is asked to Google himself via an anonymous late night phone call. From the search he finds a disturbing website featuring photographs of his home, alongside six unknown houses. He learns that his daughter has been kidnapped and he must follow instructions from the website if he has any hope of seeing his daughter alive again. 

Things take an even more sinister twist as Will discovers a grisly murder in the first house, which sets the theme for the subsequent houses. Seven houses, seven horrific homicides and a harrowing journey around the world that threatens not only his beloved family’s safety, but puts his own life at risk too. 

The storyline for Scare Me is so well thought out and written. The believable characters facing such heinous but not impossible situations makes for chilling reading. Once the ball is rolling on Will’s macabre quest, it becomes a nail biting thrill ride to the astounding climax. I really enjoyed how breadcrumbs of clues are scattered throughout and where they lead to at the end. 

I've seen online that Scare Me is set to be adapted into a film by Prison Break star turned screenwriter Wentworth Miller, which is such an achievement seeing as the novel hasn't been formally released yet! Either way, it will definitely be a movie on my one to watch list! Scare Me is fast paced and satisfyingly gruesome; a tantalising psychological thriller not to be missed.

US/Canada/Ebook: 30th April
UK/RoW: 2nd May 

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