Tuesday, 2 April 2013

SEAL Team 666 by Weston Ochse

From the start this title jumped out at me as something I would want to read, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Without warning Navy SEAL Cadet Jack Walker is pulled from his squad and chosen to join the US’s secret supernatural special mission unit SEAL Team 666. 

Straight away Jack is plunged in at the deep end, facing demons, mass-murdering gang members and a host of unimaginable creatures he never even knew existed. As he begins to get to know his team members and the workings of the squad, SEAL Team 666 discover a supernatural adversary that threatens the safety of not only the US but the entire world. 

Set in the exotic yet treacherous location of Asia, this novel intensely immerses you into SEAL Team 666’s deadly world. There is plenty of military lingo and a lot of acronyms for me to keep up with, but then the story moves quickly and the team face another nail biting danger that hooks your attention.

I really enjoyed learning about the individual team members of SEAL Team 666 and their interactions as a group both on and off missions. I also liked the way Jack Walker’s own unnatural past begins to creep into his adult life, potentially affecting the missions. I warmed up to this novel very quickly; there is plenty of horror, mythology and inventive plot lines amidst all the military action. SEAL Team 666 is cleverly thrilling read that should definitely not be overlooked. 

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