Monday, 8 April 2013

The Young Moon by Sharon Sant

Following on from Sky Song two years later, we are reunited with Jacob Lightfoot or Ioh as is his true name, who has just returned to his earthly home. He finds that there is a distance between himself and his friends, and he also learns that his father is very ill; all of which leave him with feelings of guilt. Despite his powers he cannot interfere with the course of nature, especially seeing as the last time nearly killed him. 

Even though he is only on temporary leave from his home world of Astrae, Jacob doesn't want to leave the family that raised him and his best friends who know his secrets. So he makes it his mission to find the second successor; his long lost twin sister who could take his place on Astrae as The Watcher, a role he does not want.

This seemingly impossible task takes him halfway around the world to find a complete stranger who has no idea of her destiny. Things are made more difficult by the return of the evil Makash, who is also seeking out the girl for his own dark means.

I absolutely flew through this book. After reading the first book, I felt more for the characters and cared more about what happens to them. Despite being the powerful one, Jacob relies a lot on his human friends Luca and Ellen, and I find the trio more and more endearing as I move through the trilogy. What with warnings and danger at every turn and the imminent uprise of a dark power, The Young Moon keeps you turning pages and the end will leave you hungry for the next book. 

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