Saturday, 18 May 2013

Afterlife Academy by Jaimie Admans

What happens after we die? It’s an age old question with infinite possibilities! In this YA novel, if you die whilst in school, you end up at the Afterlife Academy, where lessons include Redemption, Haunting and Maths (because even ghosts need maths!). 

Riley Richardson finds this out after she is killed in a car accident which also claims the life of school geek Anthony, and they arrive at the Academy together. The school and world that they find themselves in is completely devoid of colour and everything is in shades of grey. 

Everything that is apart from Riley, who for some reason is still in full colour, from her highlighted hair to her precious rose necklace. Having been pretty and popular at her living school, Riley suddenly finds herself disliked and an outcast in the dead one. Whereas Anthony, the boy she and her friends used to bully, settles in straight away much to her annoyance. Riley seems unable to adjust and sorely misses her boyfriend, friends and family, and so she begins to look for ways to leave the Academy. 

My favourite character by far was the demon dinner lady that befriends Riley; despite appearances (she has bright red horns!) she is sweet and kind and provides the students with whatever food they could wish for. The idea that when we die and go on to somewhere else and are able to eat whatever we want makes me drool with gluttonous thoughts! 

I really enjoyed some of the ideas within the school, including the ghostly headmistress with the tragic back-story and Charlie, the vampiric pumpkin. Funny and heart-warming, I thought that Afterlife Academy was a very entertaining read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

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