Monday, 13 May 2013

Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

Student Patrick Gamble lived a seemingly normal life until the day he embarks on a plane journey of which he becomes the only survivor. Meanwhile, teenager Claire Forrester finds herself alone and on the run when an unknown government agency storms her home and murders her parents. 

There is civil unrest throughout the country and humans and lycans turn against each other, with disputes ranging from arguments over territory to full scale racism against lycans. For years, most werewolf communities have been controlled with drugs or sometimes through more violent means. But a radical group of lycans is fighting back and they begin to stir up a revolution via savage recruitment, outright murder and terrorist acts. Their actions result in extremist groups on both sides which is fuelling the fires of war.

President Chase Williams has strong views about lycans and has many policies based on getting rid of his perceived enemy, but in a twist of events, he finds himself turning into what he despises most. The main characters’ stories slowly tie together in an intelligent and action packed thriller. 

Set in America, this story is powerfully told with memorable characters and clever plot lines. There is lycan history, fascinating science and supernatural-slanted politics, all of which made for explosive reading, and demonstrated the depth of research and writing skill that made this incredible novel come to life. Red Moon is gory at times and wildly imaginative yet scarily believable. This book literally blew me away and I really hope there are more books to follow. 

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