Friday, 28 June 2013

Entwined with You by Sylvia Day

Entwined with You is the third book in the best selling Crossfire series. It features city girl Eva Tramell and her turbulent yet steamy liaison with successful businessman Gideon Cross. Gideon seems the full package; gorgeous, fit, wealthy and successful and he is madly in love with Eva. However both are damaged and each has secrets which intrude on their relationship. 

I hadn't read any of the Crossfire books before this one but was so curious following the hype that I had to try it regardless. I learnt that Gideon had killed for Eva and in this book they downplay their association whilst the police continue their investigations, which paves the way for exes to pop up and rumours to circulate. 

Dare I compare this to Fifty Shades of Grey? I'm going to risk it. The similarities are huge; stinking rich Adonis falls for seemingly ordinary girl and fends off all bad guys with money, aggression and power. Not to mention all the amazing sex in between. I did think the sex scenes were much more varied than in Fifty Shades, but with less of the kinky stuff, although that’s my view from this book, you’ll have to let me know if it’s a different story in the first two! 

Overall I did enjoy this book. I didn’t wholly like the main characters all of the time but that might be because I hadn't got the feel for them via the previous books. I liked that there was an actual story line (as opposed to pages of inane bonking!) and more prevalence of supporting characters. I also liked the fashion references which added a touch of glamour to the story.

I assumed that this would be a trilogy but I actually really liked the ending which left things open for more. Definitely worth a read for mainstream erotica fans or even those (like me) that are just plain curious. 

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