Thursday, 13 June 2013

Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox by Christa Faust

Revealing never before seen secrets of the lead characters, The Zodiac Paradox is based on the acclaimed Fringe television series.

It tells of university students Walter Bishop and William Bell who use an unusual chemical mixture to connect their subconscious minds. In the process they accidently open a portal through which they unleash the notorious Zodiac Killer, who even in a world unknown to him, still has the unstoppable urge to kill and has even more ability to do so.

When the two students realise the consequences of their actions they enlist the help of the wily Nina Sharp to come up with a plan to stop the killer. They theorise that their new discovery could be the answer to their problem but the technology is so new it could also have unthinkable results.

The story was very clever with an extensive knowledge of science throughout. Set in 1970s America I found the new technology and science aspects played an interesting contrast against the hippie, free love traits of some of the characters and their student surroundings. This was also highlighted with the presence of shady police and government agencies that showed up occasionally. The Zodiac Killer is definitely an intriguing character and his presence in this story made for riveting reading.

I’ve never seen the TV series Fringe before so I couldn’t say if the characters were true to the show or not. However, as it is set before the official creation of the Fringe Division, this book does paint a picture of the scientists more naive beginnings. I thought overall that Fringe: Zodiac Paradox was and intelligent and exciting read and I would love to know what fans of the show think of this book.

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