Friday, 5 July 2013

Not of Our Sky by Sharon Sant

Not of Our Sky is the last book in Sharon Sant’s brilliant YA Sky Song trilogy. In Sky Song, Jacob Lightfoot learns he is far from a normal teenage boy and discovers his powers and his otherworldly birthright. Then in The Young Moon he travels to America to find a long lost sibling he had never known existed, to save her from the clutches of his old nemesis. 

Now, in Not of Our Sky, Jacob lies in a coma of sorts after saving his father’s life. His family and trusty friends Ellen and Luca all do the best to care for him, even as strange occurrences happen around him. Unbeknownst to the others, Ellen has been having dreams of a battle yet to come, on a stormy day in the shadow of a lighthouse and the prophecy that may come to pass, if Jacob ever wakes up that is. 

Having read the trilogy from the start – which I really recommend you do – I've come to love all of the characters. Ellen is still my favourite; caring, strong and determined although everyone plays their part in the events upon which the mystical world of Astrae depends.  I liked the sense of family and banter between the three friends, even in less than happy times. I enjoyed the portrayals of light and dark and all the shades in between in this engaging YA adventure. 

I think that the second book was my favourite of all three so if you've read these books I would love to know your thoughts. Overall I thought this was enthralling from start to finish and I loved how it all ended. 

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