Monday, 22 July 2013

The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth

I jumped at the chance to review this book after enjoying Bitter Greens so much. The Wild Girl tells of young Dortchen Wild who falls in love with one of the Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm. 

She lives in a houseful of sisters, a rebel older brother, a weak mother and her abusive father. Her life seems to be endless work for her father’s apothecary and household chores, so she often seeks solace in the woods or the garden.

She tries to spend as much time as she can with her best friend Lotte Grimm and is practically family to the Grimm brood who live next door. When Dortchen learns the brothers are collecting old stories and folk tales she strives to help them, forging a bond between her and Wilhelm that ties them together throughout this wonderful story.

Set against the backdrop of Napoleon’s rampage through Europe, Dortchen and her friends and family must battle through poverty, war and politics as well as her family issues, but through the collected and shared stories over the years, Dortchen learns love and life. 

The Wild Girl is not just Dortchen’s story but also a glimpse into the lesser known lives of the Grimm family, as well as the potential origins for our best loved fairytales. Once again Kate Forsyth has woven together a beautiful blend of history, romance and of course fairytales with her lovable characters and enchanting descriptions.

I adored the character of Dortchen and overall this book totally blew me away. I was engrossed and enchanted and couldn't put it down. The afterword at the end provides further fascinating insight into this time of fairytales in history and puts the whole book into context. This is a stunning book inside and out to truly be treasured.


  1. I have a review copy of this book, I am so excited to start as I loved Bitter Greens too. Glad it lived up to expectations for you :)

    1. Thanks! Kate Forsyth is a wonderful writer. Let me know what you think of The Wild Girl when you've read it :)