Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human

Sometimes a book cover just screams for your attention. The cover for Apocalypse Now Now is one of those covers that has so much cool stuff to look at and it gives you a graphic taste of some of the weird and wonderful things waiting within. Surly school kids? Check. Hobo looking guy with a shotgun? Check. Zombies, demonic crows, evil spiders, a giant octopus and more? Check, check and check! 

Sixteen year old Baxter Zevcenko is a school yard entrepreneur on the up, leading a porn distributing syndicate of outcasts known as The Spider. He is making decent profits and hasn't yet been beaten up by rival gangs. 

But then his girlfriend gets kidnapped by forces unknown and he ends up enlisting the help of supernatural bounty hunter Jackie Ronin to get her back.Baxter is taken on a madcap journey into Cape Town’s supernatural underworld where they face not only dangers from the creatures they encounter, but from the apocalypse itself.

I loved the complete and utter weirdness of this book. The characters, the war-zone school environment, the creatures are all so bizarre. Even the chapter names are inventive; “The Zombie Horror Ninja Show” and “Rip Off My Face and Tell Me That You Love Me” were two of my personal faves. The basic storyline is boy trying to save damsel in distress and save the world. But it it’s wrapped up in a fantastic coating of school yard politics, supernatural underbelly infiltration and creature porn, to name but a few. 

I have two recommendations to make regarding this book. 1) Read this book, it is insanely good. 2) If you do read this book, do not read before bed as you may experience crazy dreams involving apocalypse creatures like I did! Overall a highly original tale that will keep you entertained from start to finish.  

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