Monday, 4 November 2013

Bronze Gods by A.A. Aguirre

Bronze Gods is the first book in a new series that combines crime fiction with steampunk and fantasy. Dorstaad is where the action takes place. In Dorstaad there are regular citizens but also some with Fae blood. 

Great houses boasting the lineage of great power have wide influence in the city, and when a daughter from one of these prestigious families s found brutally murdered, huge pressure is placed on the Criminal Investigation Division to solve the case.

In deep from the start are CID work partners Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko. Mikani is a wild charmer with a Fae gift that gives him heightened sixth sense. Ritsuko is organised and logical; a first female inspector constantly battling to prove herself in a male dominated environment. 

Together they pursue a ruthless killer who mixes cruel killing devices and ritualistic magic to despatch his high profile victims, which makes for exciting reading. 

I always find steampunk so fascinating as there are almost no limitations on the world you can create. This novel is a great blend of old world charm and futurism but combining it with the fantasy element takes it that little bit further in the awesome stakes. 

I loved Mikani and Ritsuko from the start. Straight away you get a strong sense of their personalities and their partnership; underneath the banter there is genuine care. A.A. Aguirre are a husband and wife writing team so it fits that they could create such a compatible duo. 

There is lots of action and crime scene detail, steampunk additions, a hint of romance and in this first book we touch on a whole new fantasy world of Fae bloods and invaders just waiting to be explored. Bronze Gods is a wondrous first book in an exciting new cross-genre series, full of imagination and heart; definitely one to watch out for. 

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