Saturday, 28 December 2013

Grimm: The Icy Touch by John Shirley

This book is based on the hit TV series Grimm. For those that don’t know, the series is set on the idea that the creatures from fairytales are based on truth. 

Wesen, as they are known, have human form but also a second beast form which they can change into. There are many species of Wesen including Blutbaden (wolves) and Daemonfeuer (dragon-like). A Grimm is a human with special abilities who police the Wesen to protect not only unknowing humans, but other innocent Wesen. 

Portland detective Nick Burkhardt is a Grimm and in this story, is drawn into a dangerous case along with his human partner Hank Griffin, where a criminal organisation known as The Icy Touch is recruiting Wesen into their gang and brutally slaughtering anyone who refuses. 

At first it seems to be a violent drug smuggling operation, but Nick soon uncovers an ancient rivalry and death oath with the gang’s ruthless leader that could have dire consequences for Nick and everybody dear to him. 

I hadn't seen the TV series before reading this book, but I still wanted to review it because of the supernatural, fairytale and crime elements. There wasn't much fairytale reference, but the Grimm world and mythology is very interesting and detailed. 

It took me a little while to get into it at first, as I felt I didn't know the lead characters as well as I should, but then the storyline takes on a life of its own and I was hooked. I loved reading about all the different types of creatures and their personality traits. I also enjoyed the historical flashbacks with Nick’s ancestors. 

I’m sure this is a great addition to the world of Grimm; I’m certainly curious about the series now. This book is an entertaining, action packed read for fans of the show, and also fans of creature tales and supernatural crime. 

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