Saturday, 31 May 2014

Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen

I was recommended this book to read by a work colleague. He remembered how much I love reading and lent me his own well-worn copy of this book, after he enjoyed it so much himself. 

In Nature Girl, we meet a selection of quirky characters. Honey Santana, recently unemployed single mother, has a plan to rid the world of rude, irresponsible people. Part time telephonist and loser Boyd Shreave and his flaky mistress Eugenie embark on a vacation they will never forget. 

Throw in an identity-confused ex-alligator wrestler, a deranged stalker, and a rebellious college girl to name but a few, and you have the making of an interesting story to say the least! 

Their worlds collide in the Everglades’ Ten Thousand Islands and what starts for some as a good intention getaway, becomes an unexpected and dangerous ordeal. 

I was definitely intrigued by the premise of the book when I started reading it. The beginning introduces the characters and their back stories well, setting up the intrigue for the rest of the plot. The prose is intelligent and witty, and the locations; from trailer parks and cities to the unforgiving swamp, makes the tale even more inventive. As the action develops and chaos ensues, you almost become addicted to the adventure, the sarcasm and the delicious irony! 

I may never have chosen this book for myself had I not been recommended it, and I really enjoyed this. Simple, word of mouth reviews from someone who may have different tastes in books to you is a great way to explore the literary world, and I’m so glad I took the time to give this book a try. 

A heady mix of escapism and acerbic wit, Nature Girl is an unconventional gem of a read.

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