Monday, 9 June 2014

You're The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher

It was more than a year ago that I read the debut novel from Giovanna Fletcher, Billy and Me. It was a pleasant read and with its equally bright, attractive cover I was curious to see how her second novel would pan out. 

Maddy is on her way down the aisle to marry her childhood friend, the gorgeous and confident Rob, who she is in love with. Next to Rob as his best man is her other best friend from childhood, loyal and sensitive Ben. If it wasn't Rob she was marrying, it just as easily could have been Ben, whom she also loves. 

The three met at primary school and became inseparable throughout their school days. The story follows them as they go through adolescence and then start adult lives away from home at University. 

As they go through trials and tribulations of University life, the group dynamics change over time and Maddy’s heart is torn between the two men she cares most about in the world. 

We watch them grow up and evolve into adults up until the day of the wedding, where Maddy’s choice will affect all three of them for their rest of their lives. I enjoyed how the story was told from the alternating perspectives of Maddy and Ben, and from such a young age so that you really get a sense of the characters. I adored Ben’s character and really felt for him throughout the story. 

The story is told in such a grounded way that it made me reminisce about my school days and especially about my University days (God, how I miss them!). I thought it was quite similar to You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane (if you've read that and liked it then I think you will enjoy this). 

I actually enjoyed this book tons more than Billy and Me, and devoured it in about a day. Even if you've not read Giovanna Fletcher before, this is certainly one to try if you like chick-lit or romance. 


  1. I loved this book! I even did a post about past boyfriends because of it. It's such a great story! Very nice review! And thanks for the recommendation, I'm going to read You Had Me At Hello for sure!

    1. Thank you! You're welcome. Let me know what you think of You Had Me At Hello! That past boyfriend article sounds interesting. Will defo have to have a read of that! :)