Monday, 18 August 2014

The Wild Ways by Tanya Huff

Back in April I reviewed The Enchantment Emporium. As a Tanya Huff fan I had been hugely excited at the time but was left slightly disappointed. I did like the book but there were parts that I did not like so at the time, gave a fairly mixed review. My mother read the book afterwards and absolutely loved it. 

So when I got the second book, she pretty much claimed it for her own. With a huge TBR pile and tons of reviews waiting to be written, I thought why not let an even bigger Tanya Huff fan than me have their say. Here is a review by my mum, hereby known as Mother Butterfly, on the second Gale family installment, The Wild Ways.

The Wild Ways is the second book by Tanya Huff in a series of witches based in Canada. It was a fun and at times very exciting read which I had been looking forward to reading having enjoyed the first book The Enchantment Emporium very much. Both books follow the very large Gale family; “The Aunties” being all powerful and their children and grandchildren slowly moving up the ranks of power. We get to meet a leprechaun – who ends up becoming the toy boy of one of the aunties and also some dragons, goblins, selkies, a troll and some bogarts, who although we did meet some in the first book, also play their part in this second adventure. Whereas the first book concentrated mainly on Allie, this second book focuses on her cousin Charlie, who is able to travel from place to place using any wood or garden area by strumming her guitar. She is what the family call a “Wild Power” but really comes into her own in this book as she taken by surprise at her own growing powers. It reminded me a little of some of Kelley Armstrong’s books but somehow a bit more “grown up” (i.e. a bit more sex!). Anyone who enjoys fantasy books will probably already know of Tanya’s other books and should also enjoy this delve into the lives of this very special family, along with the various other supernatural beings they meet with during their adventures. I like the way Tanya introduces the characters to the reader and makes you care about what happens to them. To the outside world they appear to be just another family, working hard to make a living but of course anyone who is able to scratch the surface will discover how very different they are. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series and hope that she doesn't stop at just three!

So that was Mother Butterfly’s first official book review! If you have any thoughts on Tanya Huff books or any words of wisdom for Mother Butterfly’s future in book blogging, please feel free to get in touch! 

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