Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

I've had human heroes and heroines, gifted military soldiers and gadget-laden vigilantes grace some of my blog posts but never full blown superheroes... until now! However Steelheart puts a twist on the standard superhero theme.  

An unforeseen phenomenon known as Calamity came and gave some ordinary men and women extraordinary powers. You would think that would be a good thing, but with these powers, the newly named Epics raised themselves above mere humans and created a society built on dominance and the desire to be all powerful. At the top of this supernatural hierarchy is the seemingly invincible Epic named Steelheart. 

When the Epics first appeared, young David witnessed his father’s murder at the hands of the tyrant Steelheart. Now, ten years later, he joins a covert force of rebels known as the Reckoners, who work out the Epics’ weaknesses in order to assassinate them. David has his eyes set on Steelheart, but how do you kill a superhuman being that appears to have no downfalls? 

This was such a thrilling read for me. I loved the whole premise of the humans and the Epics, where in most stories; those that are gifted often fight for the side of good. This idea was turned on its head which I loved. I kind of liken it to a cross between X-Men and Watchmen, although if anyone has a better comparison, please let me know! 

David was a loveable lead character, funny and so full of heart; I really warmed to him from the beginning which made the story all the more powerful. The way they author describes each Epic, and their unique power and weakness was so fascinating; it would be great if there was a spin off book in the style of David’s meticulous notes detailing each Epic and their information! I also think this would make an awesome TV series or film with lots of scope for special effects and compelling storyline! 

With these sorts of stories, I always think solid world-building is important. In Steelheart, the way the new civilisation with the dawn of Epics is depicted incredibly well. There is lots of unique imagery such as the steel city which is a great setting for all the characters to experience their trials and tribulations. 

There is plenty of cleverly crafted humour and also buckets of action which together made a fun and exciting novel. It's easy to see why this is an international bestseller. I raced through this book and I can’t wait for the next instalment. Steelheart is an action packed and fun novel that is definitely a must read for superhero, action and sci-fi fans! 

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