Friday, 7 November 2014

Torn by Jack Croxall

Torn is the third book in the Tethers Trilogy and I’m so glad to find out how it all ends! This is the sort of trilogy where you end up feeling so close to the characters that you just root for them all the way through and it makes you want to see it all the way through!

Tethers introduce the characters and sets up the journey. Unwoven hypes up the adventure and is where lots of the action takes place. Torn is where mysteries are unravelled, starting at sea with our heroes, Esther and Karl making their way to a dark, foreboding Scotland. But they are not the only ones.

A vicious Captain and his broken, dangerous sidekick are in close pursuit. Both parties are on their way to find the villainous Dufor, whose horrific goal for the extraordinary stones and the mysterious machine is revealed.

I liked that there was a kind of pirate element to the start of the book. Pirates are cool and it gave a new level of excitement to the story, although the action quickly moves more land based, and sees plenty of sword fights and even zombie like people involved in the battle, which was quite unexpected.

For me, there was so much action in this third book that although Karl and Esther do repair the damage to their relationship, there was less interaction between all the characters to show this. Everything happens kind of quickly, which is good in a way, as you get to find out what happens much quicker, but I think I would have preferred it to be a bit longer to really explore the characters emotions, as the two previous books did.

Esther is still my favourite character as she has been all along; a brave butt-kicking heroine perfect for this YA adventure. Torn is a thrilling ending to what has been an overall exciting escapade and the Tethers trilogy is a fab addition to any reader’s YA collection. 

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