Thursday, 11 December 2014

Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson

I don’t normally do reviews for novellas (in fact I think this might be my first one) but for this I was happy to be able to wax lyrical about The Reckoners series all over again. 

In the first book, Steelheart, a young boy witnessed the death of his father at the hands of a superhuman dictator (an Epic) and grows up aspiring to join The Reckoners; an underground group of ordinary humans who rebel against the Epics and work out ways to assassinate them. 

I loved the world that Sanderson created, where an unclassified event known as Calamity caused some of the population to develop superpowers, which then corrupted them making them the enemies of humankind. So often, when a story involves superpowers, it is always about the greater good (I’m thinking of Superman here, my least favourite of all superheroes!), so I liked how Steelheart turned this concept around. All the individual powers and weaknesses of the Epics were also incredibly interesting. But enough about Steelheart, for the full review check out the link! 

Mitosis is a bridging novella between Steelheart and the second book, Firefight which is due out in the New Year. It tells a little of the aftermath following events from book 1 and The Reckoners come across a new dangerous Epic who can split himself into numerous clones of himself. Cue chaos on a city-wide scale that has the team puzzling over how to defeat their newest foe. There are also the first few chapters of the next book which is a great sneak peek of what is to come! 

The main character in these books, David, is so lovable and really puts what is already an original story onto a level where you genuinely care. He’s so eager and honest and he is on a constant quest to find the perfect metaphor for different things that happen, but they always come out a little bit wrong, which added plenty of quirkiness to the tale. 

Well drawn characters, buckets of action and so much fun, this is a brilliant start to a series and I seriously can’t wait for more!

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