Monday, 5 January 2015

Bad Angels by Rebecca Chance

Now I’m a bit of a Rebecca Chance fan as it is and was really happy to win a copy of this book in a competition. I haven’t been swayed much this winter by seasonal reads but I must admit that it was especially nice to read this Christmas/New Year themed read at a fitting time, although obviously this book will be just as much fun all year round. 

The majority of the novel is centred on Limehouse Wharf, a luxury tower block in the heart of London designed as expensive accommodation for those that can afford it. It also is attached to a private clinic so is often used as retreat for people to recover from plastic surgery, with no need to venture outside. 

Two such clients are Melody and Jon, who are there for very different reasons. Melody is a popular actress who ruined her career by having too much surgery and lost her equally famous boyfriend in the process, and is doing her best to out things right. 

Jon is not famous, and has had surgery to change his appearance after deciding to leave his most recent employment as an assassin for hire, but his feelings for his nurse may complicate his new life. And connecting them both is the Russian oligarch Grigor, who owns the penthouse of Limehouse Wharf and whose legendary parties will bring excitement and scandal into everyone’s lives. 

Rebecca Chance has this fabulous way of illustrating luxury and opulence in her stories which I really enjoy. Add that to characters that you really get to know and some steamy sex scenes and you have a recipe for an addictive story. 

The plotline was genuinely exciting, with murder, blackmail and some really vile villains as well as all the above so it really kept me engaged. With current themes, such as naughty footballers, OTT WAGs and the British acting scenes, this book is kind of like getting an inside scoop of a glossy magazine, with explicit extras!

I really can’t say much more about how much I enjoyed this book without spoiling it. If you’ve never tried a Rebecca Chance novel before, you should certainly add this to your reading list. So overall Bad Angels is a great modern read full of sexy, festive fun. 

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