Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Thieves Fall Out by Gore Vidal

In post-war Egypt, having just been robbed, American chancer Peter Wells becomes embroiled in a secret task for which he does not know all the details of, but is certain to profit greatly from. 

With the assurances of a charming English gent and an alluring French seductress, all Peter has to do is smuggle a precious necklace out of the country. It seems like he is on the verge of some serious money; whether he completes the deal, or if he decides to double cross his new acquaintances and take the necklace for himself. 

But with the meddling of a corrupt police officer on his tail and the complication of a beautiful but secretive new love in his life, Peter becomes the target for all forms of trouble and he soon begins to wonder if the risks are truly worth his own life. 

Thieves Fall Out is the lost pulp crime novel from one of America’s most controversial authors of his day. Having never had the pleasure of a Gore Vidal novel, I had high expectations for this story. After reading, I didn’t find it as sensational as I had thought it might be, but it certainly is a thrilling crime caper. 

The picture he paints of Egypt is one of a country in turmoil, filled with shady dealings and two-faced characters under the unforgiving heat of the Egyptian sun. Peter was a hard character for me to like; in fact a little part of me wanted him to fail. I actually preferred the pep of the two females in the story, despite it not always being clear who was good and who was bad; blurred lines between both concerning  those women. 

The story is sexy and substantial in content, but I think maybe more sex and violence could have made all the difference (in my humble opinion)! All the action takes place quite quickly so as fast as you are drawn in, the quicker you come out the other side. Overall I did enjoy this story, and would definitely recommend this as a quick fix for crime fiction fans.

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