Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Depth by Lev A.C. Rosen

I had heard great things about this book before reading it so I was stoked to be able to read and review it. The reader is immersed into a future where melted polar ice caps have put America’s East Coast underwater. 

With twenty-one storeys below the surface, you would think Manhattan would not be habitable, but a resilient million remain, living in the top floors of skyscrapers that have survived, connected by bridges and boats. 

One such inhabitant is private investigator Simone Pierce whose latest job – potential cheating husband– seems to be an easy case, until the husband ends up dead and the police want Simone for the murder. 

Trying to clear her name, she continues to investigate the case and stumbles upon a shady network involved in recovering lost artwork from the submerged city for very high fees. With many players in such a secretive yet lucrative business, Simone must decide who to trust in a city she thought was so familiar, and yet is harbouring many more secrets than she knew possible. 

I really loved the setting of a submerged Manhattan. I had such a cool visual image in my head while I was reading and really suited the dark crime story and added to the character of the book. Lead character Simone is a likeable heroine, with her flame hair and her sharp wit. She keeps herself quite distant from the people around her, but in her line of work it is completely understandable as to why she is so cautious. 

The novel is set in a dystopia type future, complete with fancy gadgets and technology, and yet there were also decency laws which hark back to a more old-fashioned society, so I liked the mix of ideas in the time frame too. 

Novels set in the (hopefully) far away future always fascinate me and I enjoy seeing the authors interpretations of what could happen. There is some seriously cool tech in the book, including my personal favourite: forensic contact lenses- for all your crime scene / criminal viewing needs! Such an awesome idea; someone needs to get on and invent these now! 

Everything about this book is just effortlessly cool. It has the imaginative, semi-submerged setting, interesting and complex characters, and a gritty dark crime vibe that makes the whole novel and page turner from start to finish. Depth is one of the most original crime novels I’ve read in a long time and I can only live in hope that there is more in store for Simone and her underwater city of secrets. 

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