Wednesday, 29 July 2015

India Black and the Gentleman Thief by Carol K. Carr

I am on a mission to persuade more people to read Carol K. Carr’s India Black. I genuinely feel that this is such an underrated series. These books are seriously good and even if you miss some of the books, each novel stands alone so there really is no excuse! 

India Black and the Gentleman Thief is the fourth book in the set (not including the e-novellas), so for a taste of the other stories, please check out my previous India Black reviews

In Victorian London, respected madam India Black finds herself embroiled in another espionage escapade after a seemingly innocuous bill is delivered to her brothel and three thugs show up to take it back. 

After being roughed up in her own home, a disgruntled India sets out to investigate with the help of English gentleman spy Major French and street urchin Vincent. The scandal they begin to uncover is linked to the misappropriation of military weapons and could have terrible consequences for the empire. 

But that soon becomes the least of India’s worries when she learns that one of the main suspects is a former flame. With her past fast catching up with her and an unsure future following unexpected familial revelations, India has her work cut out to solve the mystery and balance her personal life in the process. 

India Black is as sharp as a tack and one of my favourite heroines to date. As the books go on, they are less of her as a brothel owner, and much more emphasis on her unexpected role as a government appointed agent. 

I love how she is often in attendance with upper class gentlemen who often look down their nose at her for being a woman, being a madam, being lower down the social scale or all of the above, and she still gives as good as she gets. Her fated relationship with French is also thrilling to read and I really wish they could finally get it together, but Carol K. Carr will keep you guessing as to whether they will get their happy-ever-after. 

There is so much going for this historical crime fiction; including well written, lovable characters, pacy fight scenes, sparkling wit and delectable mysteries. Much like the others, India Black and the Gentleman Thief is a brilliant tale filled with humour, heart and adventure, and definitely not to be missed. 

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