Friday, 31 July 2015

Three Very Different Friends Truffles

Earlier this month I read Desire for Chocolate by Care Santos; a sumptuous novel filled with chocolate and history. 

In the first part, it is mentioned that a famous chocolatier’s best selling product is a trio of chocolates that represent him and his two best friends; called “Three Very Different Friends” which comprise of ginger, chilli and lavender. 

Whilst reading, in addition to having some serious cravings for hot chocolate, I was inspired to get into the kitchen and make something fitting. Truffles are a hit in my household so I tried out three slightly different recipes using ginger, chilli and lavender.

Chilli Chocolate Truffles


·         100g butter
·         150g icing sugar
·         2tbsp (+ extra for dusting) cocoa powder
·         1tsp chilli powder

Cream the butter with the icing sugar until light and fluffy. Mix in the cocoa powder and then the chilli. You should be able to shape the mixture into balls straight away. If not, then leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. Once you have shaped the mix into balls, roll in the extra cocoa powder and leave to set. Makes twelve large truffles.

Dark Chocolate Ginger Truffles


     ·         150ml double cream
     ·         200g dark chocolate
     ·         1tbsp powdered ginger
     ·          Packet of ginger snap biscuits (optional)

Heat up the cream until it begins to boil and add the chocolate. Once combined add in the powdered ginger, then leave in the fridge overnight. Shape the mixture into balls. For some added crunch, smash up some ginger snaps and roll the balls in the crumbs. *These measurements made a lot of mixture (about 20) so halve for less truffles.

Lavender & White Chocolate Truffles

*At the time of making, I was unable to source lavender extract so I cheated a bit and used Earl Grey Tea which contains lavender.

·         350g white chocolate
·         120ml double cream
·         2 Earl Grey Teabags or 2tsp lavender extract
·         Icing sugar

If you are using teabags for the hint of lavender, add them to about 200ml of boiled water and leave to infuse. In a pan, heat the cream and chocolate together until they are combined. I added 2½ tbsp of the Earl Grey tea but you can add to taste (beware not to make the mix too runny). Stir and then leave the mixture overnight. When set, shape into balls and roll through some icing sugar. *Like the ginger ones, these measurements made a lot of mixture (at least 20 truffles worth).

So how did they turn out? The chilli truffles had a pleasant warmth to them and are a nice change to standard ones. They were also the best mixture to work so if you are a truffle novice, these are good one to try. The ginger truffles had a strong flavour which goes really well with the dark chocolate. The white chocolate ones had a florally hint to them which was interesting. If I had thought of it, I’d have made them purple too!

If you attempt any of the above I hope you enjoy these sweet treats. If you like chocolate and reading, then I also recommend Desire for Chocolate as your next read. 

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