Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hack by Kieran Crowley

Brand new pet columnist for the New York Mail F.X. Shepherd accidently finds himself attending a grisly murder scene. The corpse is found arranged in a creative tableau and the deceased’s celebrity partner is in the frame. 

Charming both the police and other influential individuals connected to the crime, Shepherd stays on the story, gaining access to the crime scenes and racking up exclusives for his paper. 

What initially starts as a possible crime of passion eventually turns into the spree of a deranged serial killer – dubbed The Hacker – who leaves their high profile victims in bizarre, brutal scenes. 

Always seeming to be ahead of the competition and the police, Shepherd is directly contacted by The Hacker and could find himself in very real danger. Luckily, Shepherd’s own past makes him fairly equipped to handle extraordinary circumstances. 

I instantly liked Shepherd’s character. He’s confident and quick-witted and adds a lot of fun to the story. His past is equally interesting and as he investigates the crimes further, the more information the reader is able to uncover about Shepherd himself. Being quite clever amongst his other attributes, Shepherd seems to pick up on clues and sniff out the next story easily but there are plenty of people on his tail that throw up almost as many hurdles as the elusive killer. 

As useful as he is to the police, he’s on their turf and must still tread carefully. There is also the sexy yet ruthless rival journalist Ginny Mac, who hates being beaten and will do practically anything for an exclusive scoop! Shepherd also has to negotiate the cut-throat office politics at his paper which puts him in danger all the more. 

There are plenty of sensational and memorable characters that are thrown into bizarre scenarios. The murders that occur are wonderfully graphic and inventive which made the story even more addictive. Kieran Crowley is a New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning investigative reporter. His work on numerous trials and murder cases, including that of the Zodiac Killer, really comes through in the gritty undertones and well-crafted storyline of this novel.  

I couldn’t get enough of this story and devoured it in one sitting. Some books have parts that are a bit boring. Whether it is a few pages or whole chapters, there can be periods where the prose is simply filler. There is none of that in this book; it’s all action and all engaging. Funny, witty and endlessly thrilling, Hack is a seriously accomplished contemporary crime novel you won’t want to put down. 

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