Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Nadine Dorries Guest Post - Ruby Flynn Blog Tour

Today I am very excited to be on the Ruby Flynn Blog Tour. Ruby Flynn is the stunning new family saga from bestselling author Nadine Dorries herself and in her guest post below, she tells about her writing process and her muse!


When I was asked to write a blog about how I plot and plan a book, I almost fell of my chair laughing. I have no idea what is going to appear on the next page, never mind in the next book. ‘You have a muse,’ someone said. I had absolutely no idea what a muse was. I read recently that another author, one of some repute and standing whose name escapes me, had written some advice for would be authors and it was this; sit at your desk every day, just in case the muse pops by. Those words have stuck in my head and comfort me. So, it isn’t just me then who panics about what is happening next.

I think I must infuriate my muse. She has never let me down, always pops by, usually between six and eight am every morning when I am still in bed. Not for her the conventional desk or office. If I leave the bedroom without having written a thousand words, I am like a smoker who has run out of fags. I twitch, I shout and I feel dreadful all day. It’s not helped by the fact that those morning hours are all I have to spend writing, due to the fact that I have a demanding day job. It is knowing that I cannot return to my characters until the following early morning which is the most frustrating, and so I carry a notebook in my bag for those flashes that come from nowhere. An idea, a line, an ending to a chapter or an interesting name to use at sometime in the future.

There are times when I envy those authors who write for a living. Who have the opportunity to immerse themselves totally in their work. To live with their characters for as long as they want them to stick around. But the fact is, I love my day job and could never give it up and I am so lucky to serve and to meet the most interesting people. From Prime Ministers and Presidents, to young mums and pensioners. It has to be the day job that feeds my soul and provides my inspiration and the reason why the muse drops by. 


The gorgeous novel Ruby Flynn is out now. Early next year Nadine Dorries is launching her new website with a 6-weekly magazine - you can already sign up for free at

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