Friday, 22 January 2016

Occupy Me by Tricia Sullivan

Science Fiction is one of those genres that is so broad in scope and often pushes the boundaries of what I like in a novel. Occupy Me really took me out of my comfort zone and became a book I liked and disliked almost in equal measure. 

It stars an angel named Pearl who works for the Resistance; an organisation that improves the world by tiny incremental acts of kindness. When sent on a seemingly normal assignment, she suddenly becomes caught up in a chase around the globe in pursuit of a killer wearing another man’s body. 

Within the overlapping stories it transpires that it is not just the crimes of a wealthy dying man and shady corporations that are causing the problems, but a danger that could have severe consequences on reality, the future and humanity’s place in the universe. 

When I first heard about this book, I was mostly drawn in by the chase for the killer that can inhabit other people, and especially in the beginning, it made for dramatic and exciting reading. The story starts off with quite a futuristic vibe that I really liked. Then the sci-fi and fantasy really kicks up a gear and continues to climb as you go through the novel. It all got a bit random and complicated for me. 

There is a lot of technology and space jargon that I just didn’t understand; and add to that some dinosaurs and philosophical dilemmas and you have yourself a complex storyline that can be hard to keep up with at times. I think hardcore fans of this genre could probably get along with it – I believe Tricia Sullivan is a well established author within these themes so I’m sure there are plenty of readers who’d enjoy this novel – but although I didn’t hate it, I did struggle in parts. 

Pearl is a multifaceted character and is something of a mystery, as she battles to find out what she is and where she came from. She likes to fix people and she was a big reason why I carried on reading; I genuinely wanted to learn more about her and see how she would resolve such a convoluted situation. 

Another thing I liked about the story was the idea of the Resistance. It’s a cool yet profound concept that small acts of kindness can have such an influence on the world and if it was embraced globally, how much better would the world be? Occupy Me is an action-packed and mind-bending novel that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but will appeal to dedicated SF and fantasy fans. 

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