Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Osiris Ritual by George Mann

I’m a big Newbury & Hobbes fan and will always jump at the chance to get stuck in to a new adventure from one of my favourite Victorian crime fighting duos. Sir Maurice Newbury is a gentleman investigator who works at the British Museum but is also an agent for her majesty Queen Victoria. He is often aided by his loyal and brave assistant Veronica Hobbes. 

The Osiris Ritual starts with a grand unveiling of a recently acquired Egyptian mummy and curious academic Newbury is in attendance to witness the event. Meanwhile, Veronica is investigating the disappearance of young women, who are all connected by a magician’s theatre show they had previously been to. 

Their cases collide when Newbury is put on the trail of a rogue agent and a spate of gruesome murders has Newbury in pursuit of a shadowy figure all across the city. 

Is there a mummy’s curse in effect, a human culprit or something altogether more sinister? It’s up to the daring duo to find out. Things are made more complex as Newbury fights his opium related demons and Veronica is keeping her own secrets that threaten the balance of their precious relationship.  

The Victorian London which George Mann has created is a captivating blend of old school genteel society and steampunk quirks. Airships soar across the city sky, horse and carriages are joined on the road by new-fangled automated vehicles and even mechanical people can be found across the capital. 

This story in particular features tantalising historical and occult elements of Ancient Egypt (a topic I have always found endlessly fascinating) and even some magical theatre. Add to that some gory murders and an unpredictable mystery and you have another awesome Newbury and Hobbes investigation. There’s a little something for all tastes; crime, history, supernatural and steampunk, which is why these books are so good! 

You don’t need to have read other Newbury and Hobbes books to enjoy this book (although I recommend them for the sheer fact that they are great!) but if you’re a fan of the Victorian crime / steampunk genre then you will enjoy this book as well as the whole Newbury and Hobbes series. If you did want to read the series from the start, I believe this is the second book, with The Affinity Bridge being the first. 

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