Thursday, 3 March 2016

5 Things We Need More of in Books - AGOS Blog Tour

Today is my spot on the A Gathering of Shadows blog tour and we're in Red London, where author V.E. Schwab has listed the 5 things she thinks we should see more of in books. I've had a read through and it’s a pretty persuasive list. Do you agree? Feel free to comment below.

1. More badass lady leads. Not just sidekicks, or members of the entourage, or love interests, but heroines taking charge, and taking names. I want female heroes and villains, and everything between. I want girls and women who like to wear dresses with their knives, and ones who prefer slacks, ones who are feminine and love it, and ones for whom gender isn’t stable, or important. The only constant I want to see is a desire to rule the world, or at least their own lives.

2. More magic. I grew up with Harry Potter, and it will always hold top spot in my heart, but the presence in magic in that series shouldn’t inhibit the presence in magic in other series! I want more! We get to have multiple books about demons, and vampires, and werewolves. Give me more damn magic.

3. More protagonists of color. I want to see more, and better representation, not in the periphery but front and center. I want everyone who reads to have the opportunity of seeing themselves represented in a book, and to do that, we need more than a few works dotting the publishing landscape. It’s unfair to those few works, because it makes them emblematic, forces them to stand in for an entire population, instead of allowing them to be what we allow white protagonists to be, which is individual.

4. More settings inspired by places other than Western Europe. This seems ironic, I know, coming from an author of a book about multiple Londons (even though three of those Londons are not based on a western model), but I still want to see more diverse inspiration for both second world fantasies, and those set on familiar soil.

5. More LGBT characters, and relationships. We’ve gotten better, but inclusion is still too often on the periphery, and after finishing C.S. Pacat’s extraordinary CAPTIVE PRINCE trilogy, all I want is more, especially in fantasy, where the possibility for other worlds and society’s eliminates the need for “other”ing. 

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  1. I have heard so much about this series that I'm quite curious as to what the fuss is about. So winning a book would be ideal for me to try this series.

    1. Thanks for your entry! Although you didn't win from this comp,check out other spots on the blog tour as I saw a ton of giveaways running. I'd definitely recommend you give this series a go if you like magic and fantasy reads, it won't disappoint! :)