Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tenacity by J.S. Law

When a sailor’s body is found hanging on board a submarine, naval Special Investigator Lieutenant Danielle Lewis is hand-selected to investigate his suicide. However there is more to the case than meets the eye and Dan knows that the sailor’s wife was brutally murdered days before her husband then took his own life. 

The course of the investigation finds Dan entering the confines of HMS Tenacity in order to interview the crew in a bid to get to the truth. Trapped deep under the sea, Dan is a lone female and in the aftermath of a previous high-profile case involving one of their own, she is outnumbered and an unwanted presence on the submarine. 

Things are certainly not easy or straightforward for the lone investigator and, as it soon becomes apparent that the killer is most likely on board, what started as a search for answers fast becomes a battle for survival. 

This novel immerses the reader right into the nitty gritty of naval politics and procedure. I’m usually not a huge fan of military based novels, but this story is a crime investigation tale that happens to centre on the navy, and so is interesting and thrilling to read. The level of detail is immense and for me sometimes the navy side was a bit too much but on the other hand that all added to the authenticity of the story and made it even more realistic. 

The setting of the submarine was brilliant for creating tension and suspense. The restrictions of the submarine and the notion of being confined underwater really projected a claustrophobic sense of urgency and danger that added excitement to the story. With the killer left unknown until so close to the end and so many possible suspects, you become thoroughly gripped by the story and eager to find out the truth. The ending is particularly explosive and unexpected which was a great finish to a fantastic novel. 

Dan is probably one of the hardest, most strong willed leads I’ve come across in a long while, although as a female in any male-dominated environment that’s hardly surprising. Her determination and sheer stubbornness at times is something to be admired but also gets her into trouble and I think after everything her character has been through, it will be interesting to see how her character progresses in the future. 

For a debut novel, this is very impressive. Tenacity is pacey, taut and a thoroughly riveting read.  

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