Sunday, 5 June 2016

Trail of Echoes by Rachel Howzell Hall

With the third book swiftly under her belt, I think it’s fair to say that Mother Butterfly is a certified Elouise Norton/ Rachel Howzell Hall fan and so I left this review to her. Enjoy!

This is the third book in the Elouise Norton series and follows on several months after Skies of Ash. Lou has divorced her cheating husband and has a fledgling romance with Sam, a handsome lawyer.  She has left the marital home and is occupying the spare room at her journalist friend’s house.

When the body of a teenage girl, stuffed in a bag is found in a park, Lou and her team are called in to deal with this horrific and senseless murder.  The girl comes from “The Jungle”, a development where Lou herself was brought up.  In fact she knows the family very well, having lived only a few doors away from them when she was a child.

She still has her hapless sidekick Colin with her, and they are thrown headlong into the investigation.  There are a few leads for them to look at, including the girl’s boyfriend, other neighbourhood bad boys, including a Mexican man just out of prison for paedophile crimes, the councillor from the victim’s high school and even the girl’s own family members.

The crime scenes go into a good level of technical detail, including crime scene details and the forensic investigation without being overly graphic. As the body count rises, Lou is stretched to the limit and very nearly on the verge of collapse.  Things with Sam are not ideal and she now has another guy chasing after her; a surgeon from the local hospital who happened to be at the first murder scene and helped her when she hurt herself.

She also has her father, who abandoned the family years ago, back on the scene trying to speak with Lou and annoying her mother.  With so much going on in her personal life, how will she cope with her boss breathing down her neck all the time and the solving of these terrible crimes?

I think that Rachel Howzell Hall is very good at making you care about her characters, especially Elouise. Elouise is a very human character that makes her more likeable. I have enjoyed both her previous books and this one was just as exciting and captivating.

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